School Counselor


I am happy to have been a member of the Academy I family for 24 years. During my tenure as a teacher, I have taught Special Education, Daily Living Skills, and Mission READ. I have served as CCT (Consultation and Collaboration Teacher) to students in our programs with an IEP and have provided support services to our students with 504s. I’m excited to serve the entire school community as School Counselor providing both Individual and Group Counseling as well as leading our Social Emotional Learning through Advisory Lessons. I am also the facilitator for our Student Ambassadors program who serves as a liaison between our school, parents, and community. We focus on leadership skills and community service.



Community Service Requirments




The Community Service Program affords the opportunity for all Middle School students to provide service for their community.  These experiences help students acquire life skills and learn about the significance of rendering services to their communities. 




All 6th, 7th, and 8th-grade students are expected to complete five (5) hours of Community Service Hours every school year.