Guidance Counselor

As a teacher, after having taught various grade levels in James F. Murray School #38 I found my comfort zone in the Middle School Grades.   As a School Counselor, I have worked in various schools in the Jersey City School District  #14, 15, 30, and here at Academy 1.  Academy 1 has been a gratifying experience in which I continue to learn!

Community Service Requirements

2021-2022 – SCHOOL YEAR



The Community Service Program affords the opportunity for all Middle School students to provide service for their community.  These experiences help students acquire life skills and learn about the significance of rendering services to their communities. 




All 6th, 7th and 8th grade students are expected to complete the following Community Service Hours:


GRADE 6 Minimum of Five (5) Hours of Community Service Learning 

GRADE  7 Minimum of Ten (10) Hours of Community Service Learning


GRADE  8 Due to the Pandemic restrictions – 2021-2022 Graduation requirement is the completion of Fifteen  Community Service Hours